Loving Again After Loss: 5 Steps to Moving Past Grief


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Loving Again After Loss: 5 Steps Moving Past Grief How do you move past loss to find love again? Grieving and loss are inevitable parts of life but right now, you may feel unprepared or overwhelmed. Before you can move forward in your dating life, you need to have the tools to move past grief and rebound. EPISODE 143 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is: Loving Again After Loss: 5 Steps to Moving Past Grief This week Kimmy addresses our collective experience of loss at this time. She breaks down 5 actionable steps you can take to move past a loss with healthy tips, proven facts and a new perspective. Sometimes, when you’re experiencing a loss, you think you know what you want but you really need to take the time to heal. But trying to get back into the game too early without addressing the grief, may lead you down a path you ultimately won’t want. Listen in to hear Kimmy walk through how to tell the difference. You’ll hear some tips about how to rediscover yourself and what to pay attention to in order to dial in on what you actually want. Stay tuned to hear how you can get in touch with your emotions and face your fears instead of letting them run you. Kimmy covers the importance of slowly dealing with loss and taking the time to care for yourself by getting back to basics and putting yourself first. Confidence Therapist and Authentic Dating Strategist Kimmy Seltzer shares that, "It’s important to not jump into something before you are ready. Otherwise, you might fall flat on your face when a “rebound” relationship fails, which gives you a false perspective and disappointment around dating.” Its important to face these challenges and take the necessary time to get your footing and opening the doors to finding love again with these 5 necessary steps. If you’re feeling frozen by dealing with a significant loss in your life, consider reaching out for support. Kimmy offers FREE coaching here http://meetme.so/kimbreakthrough. You are capable of rising from the losses in your life in order to find love again by taking these 5 necessary steps.

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