Lions, Tigers, and....Bulldogs?


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Overview Come join Fighting Quaker Matt Robinson on a fun- and fact-filled trip through the Ivy League. From its early beginnings to its latest triumphs and some of its most famous alumni, Matt takes readers on a trip around the northeastern United States and through time to see why these schools remain so popular and prestigious. Description You may know which college is the oldest in the nation but do you know which was the first university? Were you aware of the connections between Cornell and Campbell's soup of Columbia and MGM? Which New England school has its own ski mountain and is known for having a school named after Dr. Seuss? What was the gender of the first live bear to serve as Brown University's mascot and what were their teams known as before they were the bears? Who founded Yale and how does that play into its fierce rivalry with another Ivy league school? How far has the Princeton flag traveled on its longest voyage? These are other questions can be answered after reading long-time writer and proud Penn Quaker Matt Robinson's debut book- Lions, Tigers, and...Bulldogs? An unofficial guide to the legends and lore of the Ivy League. Come and see what all the fuss has been about concerning these colleges for hundreds of years, what famous people and inventions came from which, and why they remain so popular and prestigious. Along the way, you are sure to find some fun and fascinating facts that will surely serve you at your next gathering or reunion. About The Author Matt Robinson is a professional educator, writer, and editor who has published over 5,000 pieces in hundreds of publications around the world. Lions, Tigers, and...Bulldogs? is his first book, but he hopes to do more!

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