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The CHECast is a podcast made in conjunction with the Center for Health Empowerment headquartered in Austin, Texas.The Podcast was created as a new way to conduct outreach during the Trump era Pandemic. The CHE-cast seeks to interact with people, and educate the community outside of the normal in-person engagements. The podcast is designed to spark the interest of all pertaining to everything sexual health related. The “cast” in CHECast is about the people more than the word 'podcast'. The title is a shoutout to the 'cast' of characters that makes up the CHECast team. There is a core element; a 'cast' of 3-6 people that make up the Original Group of the CHECast squad ensemble, though we always bring in guests to educate and entertain us and our listeners as well. As the show grows, through each episode you will hear both old and new voices. The cast may change, but the need for information pertaining to sexual wellness will always remain.

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