Ep1 Introducing the CHE Cast


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Welcome to the very first episode of the CHECast! In this episode, Steve, Taara, and Tapakorn introduce themselves and the CHECast. Tapakorn loves talking about sex and ALL the safety that surrounds it and takes a little time to tell us what they do with CHE over in California.
What is a patient navigator? We aren't talking about GPS here. Next, we discuss the weather in Tapakorn's neck of the woods, the difference between east-coast, west-coast, and southern heat, and how humidity makes all the difference. Tapakorn has a hot take regarding San Fransisco's Mexican food scene, and as we discover during our discussion, a very interesting favorite food. Next up, Steve asks the group about sex toys, Taara shares a juicy tip about condoms, and Tapakorn chimes in with an unlikely contender- the FD2 condom! Later, we discuss social distancing, and what we all learned about during quarantine. What is "passive socializing?" How do you make Steve's favorite food? How do you know which sex toy to buy? All these answers and more in this episode!
What we mentioned in the episode:
-Checlinic.org / other CHE contact info
-Forbidden Fruit (sexshop in austin)
promise to discuss in future shows:
Tapakorn wants
- what the landscape looks like moving forward in the hiv prevention world
- FastTrack cities
- what comes out after this, how are injectibles, clinical trials, immune systems beating HIV??
- navigating the dating world!!!
Taara wants
- more subjects surrounding COVID-19 and this pandemic and impact on dating sex lives sexual practices and safety during sex
- how quarantine is impacting outreach and navigator duties, how can people get checked in and checked up during this quarantine
- what does outreach look like!!!
- to talk to sex shop owners
steve wants to chat about
- what is there to do in California! best restaurants! food in Austin

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