Ep. 3.5- Tapakorn & Kyndra- PrEP, Urgent Care, Blinded by Science


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The CHECast- where talking about STIs and status is sexy! The all-star cast this episode is Kyndra, Tapakorn, Taara and Steve. Kyndra fills us in on CHE, collaboration with Urgent care clinics, HIV statistics, and the importance of building community and partnerships. Next, we take an in-depth look with Tapakorn on when, where, and how to get HIV testing and the importance of "window periods" and advocating for yourself. Tapakorn and Kyndra discuss how risk is relative and we wonder how risk can be scientifically quantified. When can you get on PrEP and PEP? What are the PrEP pills like? What is a HIV rapid test and when can I get my results? If you don't know, you will after this episode! Educate! Advocate! Have conversations! Fight the stigma!!

Things we mention:
- checlinic.org
- Truvada
- Descovy
Things we promise to talk about in future podcasts:
- PrEP and PEP with Gilead Science
To All,
In this episode, I embarrassingly and erroneously state that,“ the government does estimate that 250 total HIV infections could have been averted, or could be averted within the next 10 years by using PrEP and PEP.” I would like to correct that and apologize for the obvious oversight. I was trying to communicate that; “The Effort to End the HIV Epidemic is a federal initiative to reduce the number of new HIV infections in the United States by 75 percent within five years, and then by at least 90 percent within 10 years. This will result in an estimated 250,000 total HIV infections averted, by the use of PrEP and PEP.” This fact is found on HIV.GOV

  1. According to the NNLM and NETWORK OF THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE which are service marks of the US Department of Health and Human Services
  2. link for HIV.GOV https://www.hiv.gov/federal-response/ending-the-hiv-epidemic/overview


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