Ep 467 | Fat Pile Friday - Training Bees & Weird Body Parts


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What would you do for a million bucks? Chuck E Cheese burning tickets… No more controlled burns… Riots cost money… Subscribe to the Podcast… Subscribe to the YouTube Email to Chewingthefat@theblaze.com / Possible coffin in the water Possible spaceship in the water Storm animals swimming in the yard, what should happen OVB Lori Lori Lori. Royals update: Prince gets dissed and a new royals tv network… Entertainment update: New Movies & TV shows… Genetic code could mean the difference in Covid-19 Sunshine could help as well, duh… Bongino and new social media usage Subscribe to Blaze TV www.Blazetv.com/jeffy Training Bees… Rogan wants a debate /conversation. Good luck My house is bugged… Happy Birthday to my wife… New Sony Play Station just in time… Possible snake bite from the toilet?... Emmys Live on Sunday ( watch for screw ups )… ‘The Social Dilemma’ in the queue New way to hook you into subscriptions… Celebrity Weird Body Parts…

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