CBBN Business Journals with Guest Dr. Anthony Gantt


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Dr. Anthony Gantt is our guest for this episode of CBBN Business Journals. Dr. Gantt is a Life/business Coach, Personal Development Trainer, Business Consultant, and Keynote Speaker. He is also the author of 18 books and his motto is “Helping people be better and do better.” He will share with you, the message that he has shared with more than 2000 audiences and that is – how each of us can do better, if we know how. Contact Dr. Gantt (773) 984-9848 drtonygantt@gmail.com Want to be a guest on an upcoming show? GREAT! Give us a call at 773-609-2226. Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Produce, Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network www.ChicagosBlackBusinessRADIONetwork.com Our organization is dedicated to keeping the memory of Mayor Harold Washington on our minds and in our hearts.

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