Claudia Taylor is our guest for this episode of CBBN Business Journals


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Claudia Taylor is our guest for this episode of CBBN Business Journals. Claudia Taylor is an Account Manager at A28 Tax Management. She manages small business income taxes for independent contractors operating as sole proprietors or single-member limited liability company, and general partnerships or multi-member LLC. Today, Ms. Taylor will be discussing how you can stay on the right track with the IRS. Also, she will provide some record keeping tips and a few little known tax deductions for small business owners. Join A28 Tax Management's Facebook group A28 Tax Talk for news, updates, and tips. Also visit for more information its range of tax related services, also to schedule a consultation. Want to be a guest on an upcoming show? GREAT! Give us a call at 773-609-2226. Or click HERE for details. Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Produce, Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network Our organization is dedicated to keeping the memory of Mayor Harold Washington on the minds and in the hearts of our people.

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