Who are you to your children?


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Who are you to your children? Are you just someone who has given birth to them, changed their diapers and breastfed them? Does being a parent just mean that you’ve provided food, shelter and yelled, “It’s time to get up,” for years and years and years. Parents have certain duties and obligations to their children. Whether it’s spiritual or loving them from your hearts or from a legal standpoint. The care and welfare of a child is referred to as parental responsibility. And you are even much more than all of this… CBBN Business Journals presents your host Sonja Cassandra Perdue. Today’s question is “Who are you to your children?” We’re sure that each of you have a certain idea of what it means to be a parent And it goes far beyond what we think and believe. Ms. Perdue is the Founder of Chicago’s Black Business Network (CBBN). We’re here to share what we learn with you so that you can share what you learn with everyone. Want to be a guest on an upcoming show? GREAT! Give us a call at 773-609-2226. Visit www.ChicagosBlackBusinessRADIONetwork.com Sponsored by: www.HowToGetAWill.com

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