🎉 Beginners’ Bootcamp is OPEN for Enrollment! Time-sensitive bonuses go away soon!


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⏰ TIME-SENSITIVE Bonuses go away soon! 😊 Enrollment is open! Check out Beginners' Bootcamp - an 8-Week Group Coaching Program where you can learn to Chinese in a supportive and fun environment with group practice sessions to start communicating and connecting. Check out the details here (there are time-sensitive bonuses!): https://chinesemandarincafe.com/bb

If you are ready to invest in yourself to take your Chinese further with guided and structured live training from me, and group practice sessions to ensure you are sounding correct, then I don’t want you to miss out on this offer.

Introducing Beginners’ Bootcamp - An 8-Week Group Coaching Program that will teach you 20+ essential phrases to help you start conversations so you can start communicating and connecting.

We will have 1 teaching session a week where I teach LIVE on YouTube (private streaming). You will be able to interact in the chatbox or on our Discord channel.

Followed by a group practice session right away so you aren’t left on your own to hoping that you are making the right sound. You will receive live feedback during our group sessions.

Then a few days later, there is another group session to practice speaking. This 2nd group practice session is set a few days later to give you enough time to study and review.

During the week, I will assign homework to help you stay on track. There will be audio homework as well to receive additional feedback on your pronunciation.

All the live training videos will be available for you to watch whenever. So even after our program ends, you will still have access to our training videos and worksheets.

In addition, you will receive updates for free if I create new videos for this course.

By the end of the program, I hope you would have:

  • gained confidence in speaking
  • overcome the fear of making mistakes
  • learned how to hold a short conversation
  • fell in love with learning Chinese even more! :)

Check out the details here (there are time-sensitive bonuses!): https://chinesemandarincafe.com/bb

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