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Hiii, this is Amy from ChineseMandarinCafe.com. You are listening to a very special episode today. In this episode, I want to invite you to join my FREE 10-Day Beginners’ Bootcamp challenge where I teach you 10 phrases that will lay a solid foundation for your Chinese learning journey so that you can start building deeper connections with your loved ones or maybe even meet new people just like how I’ve met so many wonderful people because of knowing Mandarin Chinese.

I focus on speaking so there are group activities where you will be speaking. Ahhhhh! Isn’t that exciting?!

If you can’t attend the group practice sessions, I encourage you to send me audio messages to practice speaking!

This challenge is completely free. The teaching sessions are streamed live on YouTube where you will be able to interact in the chatbox. Then we have a group practice session on Zoom where you will be speaking. This challenge runs from October 1st to the 11th. However, all the training videos will be up until the end of October. I will also be checking your homework and provide feedback until the end of October. So it is not too late to join us.

To learn more about this free challenge, check out ChineseMandarinCafe.com/bootcamp


All the resources and links will be posted to our Discord community, and yes, it is free to join. You do have to request to join because I want to create a safe and comfortable environment for our community members.

Lastly, I want to be transparent that by the end of this challenge, I will be making an offer for you to continue learning with me in my group coaching program. I am not accepting 1-1 students at the moment because I have a full list of wonderful students to work with at the moment. So my group coaching program is like the next best thing to continue learning with me.

If you are interested, please check out this challenge to see if we are a good match. I would love to see you there. If you have any questions, please email me. I am Amy@ChineseMandarinCafe.com or DM on Instagram. I am @ChineseMandarinCafe

I will be posting some of the teaching sessions on the Chinese Mandarin Cafe podcast. So keep an eye on that if you want to listen first before you hop onto our group practice sessions.

Once again, to learn more about this free challenge, check out



I hope to see you there. Bye.

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