005 Choose to Shine - The Power of Thought & Healing from Trauma


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In this podcast episode I talk about what actually takes place inside the brain of someone who has experienced trauma, and how that plays out in our thought patterns and constructs. I also talk about how to stop these patterns and how to take the step into the direction of change, and why that seems so hard to do.

Knowledge is power, and with knowledge comes understanding. When we understand how the brain works after a traumatizing event, then we can use that knowledge to gain power over our situations and circumstances.

You have the power to heal any and every part of yourself, so long as you armor yourself with knowledge and execute it with action.

If you know of someone who is living with PTSD, please share this podcast episode with them. I know had I been taught this information a decade ago, it would have really helped me heal a lot faster.

If this episode helped you, please hit me up at choosetoshinepodcast@gmail.com

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