The Soaring Twenties ~ Rising Remnant ~ Episode 123


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New Weekly Podcast Welcome to my new podcast. Every week we will talk about how to live our lives in God’s fullness. My goal is to encourage, equip, and empower you. I have included show notes that highlight the points of the message. You can connect with me and find the information on my website I am so excited to be sharing with you. Let’s begin our journey together. Abundant Blessings, Cindy The Soaring Twenties Pastor Cindy Stewart The Gathering January 5, 2020 Does your life does not really fit in with the status quo? Not fitting in is not always a bad thing! Throughout the Bible there are small groups of people that are described as a remnant. The theme among the people in these groups was their choice to obey the Lord, even when it put their lives in danger. There are two classes of believers in the world. First, people who are saved but continually disobedient and disregard correction. And second, people who are saved, welcome correction and long to be more and more obedient. The latter are the remnant of God! In this message we will explore: The characteristics of God’s remnant people Why we should want to be part of God’s remnant What it takes to be part of God’s remnant How you can know if you are part of God’s remnant How to learn The Promise from being in The Presence Remnant people listen. They obey and they declare the promises of God over their circumstances! Be warned, anytime there is a remnant, there will always be part of the body that rises up against the remnant! You can decide to be a remnant people starting today! You can say to God, “I am going to listen and obey and I am going to follow You. I will not allow the circumstances in front of me to circumvent the promises You have spoken over me!” Don’t let the giant in front of you stand in the way of the promises God has spoken over you. We can look at those giants and say, “But God’s Word says...!” Who is ready to step outside of the box labeled normal and choose to be a part of remnant? Cindy A REMNANT PRAYER Smith Wigglesworth: August, 1927 “I am the Remnant. This is the day of purifying. This is the day of holiness. This is the day of separation. This is the day of waking. O God, let us wake today! Let the inner spirit wake into consciousness that God is calling us. I am the Remnant.” UPCOMING EVENTS Miracle Service/Revival Experiment Thursday, January 16, 7 p.m. at the Gathering with Jesus 39918 US Highway 19N Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

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