Nick Willis' Key to Longevity, Olympic Medals and Remarkable Career Thus Far


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Nick Willis sits down in New York City for a long-awaited conversation to look back at his remarkable career thus far. In this episode, we'll go through everything from growing up in Lower Hutt, New Zealand and his start in athletics with his brother, Steve, to his recent streak of 18 consecutive years of breaking four minutes for the mile.

More in this episode:

  • Nick's early interest in skateboarding and then finally turning the page to track and field
  • Arriving at Michigan after the Alan Webb hype and the start of his relationship with coach Ron Warhurst
  • His wife's development as a coach
  • Breaking the New Zealand 1,500 meter record in 2005 and the start of his professional career
  • Losing his passport and rookie mistakes of his first professional year
  • Being a student of the sport even now by reading about track and field greats
  • Get in Nick's shoes for the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic 1,500-meter final
  • Thoughts on Rashid Ramzi, Asbel Kiprop and competing against dirty athletes
  • Drowning out the skepticism and dark cloud of the sport's problems of doping
  • Theory of longevity (via Spikes Mag): Sleep, Patience and Having his family with him
  • 2020 and how much longer he could keep going

Lots of wisdom shared in this episode. Enjoy.

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