Haunting Grace


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In those wilderness years, God’s plan for Moses entails raising up a leader to enter the promise land. Moses will not be entering the promise land, and it seems as though Moses’ dreams and desires don’t get to come true. This wasn’t God‘s “plan B.” When we don’t see our dreams materializing, we compare ourselves to other people and their dreams. When we find ourselves comparing ourselves to people, assume a posture of a servant of God—we don’t know what God has for us and we don’t know everything that other people go through. When we find ourselves comparing, look to God’s Word. His Word gives us a pathway to access his presence. When we instead are lead by our natural desires, we become like animals. Our desires are good servants, but horrible masters. They will delude us. But God turns his face in love toward us, and through his power, our desires can become reordered.

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