The Currency of Generosity


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We are supposed to see ourselves as money managers rather than money owners. Because God made everything, it all belongs to him. When we are not living our lives in an open-handed way, it’s not that we are being stingy, but we are stealing. We are stealing from ourselves. Whatever you have, if you let it go, it not only benefits where others but gives you a freedom as well. In this parable, because of the rich man’s crises he needed to make decisions now based on the future. We need to make decisions based on eternity—based on people and the purposes of God. Our identity becomes entwined in what we buy because we want to be loved. We need a power who can go deep beneath the surface and reorder our root system. We were utterly bankrupt, and Jesus became poor for us, absorbing our debt in himself. He enriches our lives with the anticipation of entering into the place of ultimate return.

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