The Generous Life


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When do you find another person’s character most attractive? Isn’t it when you see them give of themselves freely to care for others? We need to let the beauty of this conversation stir us. Christianity at its core is about beauty. The Bible is a story about God’s radical, beautiful generosity. The Bible tells us about the the source of generosity. Our relationship toward society should be one of generosity. We all have things competing for the heart’s attention. Those passions and desires displace in our lives the beauty of God’s open-handed beauty. But our bounty in Christ releases us from being enslaved to those passions and desires. We are not our own. We are bought with a price. When we let the beauty of his generosity stir us, when we let it stretch us, don’t be surprised when God uses you to bring heaven to the pockets of despair in other people’s lives.

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