Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills - Hope It's Chips


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Classic Ads From Simpler Times prides itself on being of the people for the people so this week we’ve got a working-class-austerity vibe going as we look at a TV ad from 1982 for a product that looks like steak, cooks like steak but isn’t steak. Really. It’s not steak. It's so much less than steak.

Join us as Tony waxes lyrical about the mark 2 Ford Transit, Margaret Thatcher starts a small war, Steve explains how his family was poor but unhappy and we review a Birds Eye ad for steakhouse grills.

In a commercial where the stakes are high and the steaks are made of lamb, Birds Eye keeps the Advertising Standards Authority off its back by mentioning chips eleven times so that everyone think it’s a Mcains ad. For chips. Not steak. Made of lamb. Nothing to see here.

Treat yourself. You're going to love it.

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