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In this week’s episode we hear how a Two Ronnies parody of a bread ad wiped the memories of 1,000 people and then find out why Ken Barlow and Joanna Lumley’s love child got a pudding bowl haircut and spent two days cycling up and down a hill in Dorset.

You’ll need to prepare yourself as we enter the murky world of political campaigning and expose the role played by verucas in shaping the course of the Brexit campaign.

The people who voted it the most heartwarming TV ad ever are all now sat by the sunny window looking forward to telling Jonny Foreigner to fuck off back where he came from then wondering why there’s nobody around to clean the window after they just licked it.

So gather your disappointments around you as we slog up the really steep hill of an ad that first aired in 1973 and then proceeded to weasel itself into the hearts of a nation. Is it for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party or for nostalgia-peddlers Hovis? You be the judge.

Here’s the Youtube link if you must watch it https://youtu.be/IbLUbcbd27s and this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkonymPyp5g&t=91s links to a short documentary by the British Film Institute detailing how they restored the original film, digitised it to 4k then gave it back to Hovis so they could recycle the original saccharin, sentimental, post-war nostalgia-fest and claim it was a marketing gift to the nation.

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