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Life imitates art. Advertising steals art. Agency usually calls it derivative to avoid lawyer stuff. In this case French artist-man says he doesn’t care as long as he can go to Los Angeles and spunk £400,000 making a telly ad. So off we go…

Who do you turn to when you’ve just closed 11 of your 22 factories and laid off 6,000 workers?

Bartle Bogle Hegarty of course.

There are two theories about how to win an argument with John Hegarty and as we’ll hear, neither works. So settle down and listen-in as we review the ad that Sir John had to pitch to Levis three times before they bought the idea.

What did he pitch them?

He pitched them Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road but with added old man trousers with really good creases.

What did they get?

They got a fucked up Chevy Chevelle, a slightly overweight Highway Patrol man, the director’s best mate and Flat Eric. The only glove puppet ever to be interviewed for Face magazine.

In the year that Rod Hull fell off his roof trying to fix his TV aerial, find out how the world’s breakout pop culture star was another, slightly smaller, animal with a bloke’s hand up its arse.

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