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Is your life mundane? Do you hate your job? Is your world full of people who aren’t happy that you drive like an Italian plumber?*


Never mind. Watch this ad and it’ll be OK to tell the world that your best mate is an animated marsupial** or that all you really want do with your life is take on jobs for various crime syndicates in a world that allows you to do whatever you need to get the job done.***

Welcome to Classic Ads From Simpler Times where in this episode you can join Steve and Tones for some consequence-free living as they review the 1996 Playstation TV commercial, Double-Life. The ad that told us that it’s glamorous to spend the weekend knee-deep in crisp packets and coke cans because it’s OK to put more effort into your digital life than it is into your real life.

It's a multi-cultural art movie featuring the cutest Scottish boy who ever lived so have a look at the ad for yourself on our Youtube channel at

Get in touch at with questions or if you’d like to suggest an ad for us to review.

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* Yes, OK, Mario Kart’s a Nintendo game.

** Crash Bandicoot

*** Grand Theft Auto

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