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A society under the microscope, the unmasking of a perfectly British perversion…we think it’s fair to say that this is our most gripping episode to date.

Join us as we review an ad for a fizzy drink that doesn’t feature a comedian, an American jazz singer, an ex-professional footballer and an overweight orange bloke.

Instead, prepare to be seduced by a commercial so compelling that Tony loses control of his bowels after discussing its role in post-modern British advertising.

A beautiful, heart-breaking, absolutely barking piece of work that will demonstrate the power of fizzy drink passion, as a man in a homemade gimp suit is reunited with the love of his life after his wife pops out to run some messages.

In the year that Ivy Tilsley’s face melted, your inhibitions will melt away too as we review an ad for Apple Tango that first aired in 1994.

Here's a link to the ad that we don't actually review but talk about (a lot)...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqVFnxHWnlc

And here's the link to the ad that we do review (and talk about a lot)... https://youtu.be/yuS0VsB74No

Get in touch if you’d like to suggest an ad for us to review and keep being kind to one another.

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