Yellow Pages - Fly Fishing by J.R.Hartley


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This week’s review of a Classic Ad From Simpler Times takes us back to a land where Yellow Pages thought it was a good idea to show the proletariat how the middle classes were free to fuck about fly fishing and stalk book shop assistants in their spare time.

We’ll find out why Norman Lumsden never had to slum it again with bits parts in dodgy 80s telly shows after appearing in this commercial, and there’s more than a chance that we’ll question the premise of an ad featuring an author who - having written a book that sold 130,000 hardback copies - didn’t have one lying around at home.

All this and David Abbot chucks one (allegedly), Bob Brookes enhances his reputation (allegedly) and Deidre Barlow leaves Mike Baldwin to return to wishy-washy Coronation Street intellectual Ken Barlow (you heard it here second).

Join us as fourth -rate advertising industry suit Steve Cooke and first-rate advertising creative director and TV commercial director Tony Williams (no – not that one, the other one) review Fly Fishing by J.R.Hartley, a TV commercial for Yellow Pages that first aired in 1983.

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