Episode 132 - Rebel without a Cause


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Hailey, Matt and I visit about “Rebel Without a Cause” from 1955. The film was James Dean’s second major role. Director Nicholas Ray frames a drama of high school students dealing with overwhelming emotions, out of control situations, a lack of love and confusion about their lives, family and place in the world. Joining Mr. Dean’s Jim Stark is Natalie Wood as Judy and Sal Mineo as John “Plato” Crawford. Jim Backus and Ann Doran are Jim’s parents Frank and Carol Stark. Edward Platt turns in a solid performance as Inspector Ray Fremick.

This film is highly regarded as a look into the urban to suburban shift that occurred following World War II. The main characters aimlessly look for a place in the changing landscape of Los Angeles that stands in for any city. We see them at a police station, the Griffith Observatory, on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean, in a deserted mansion and most importantly in their own struggles with alienation and loneliness.

Tragically all three lead actors in the film died at an early age, Mr. Dean at 24, Ms. Wood as 43 and Mr. Mineo at 37. Mr. Dean’s death, even before he was able to view this completed film, has added to the interest in the film. We all wondered had they lived how would their lives and careers developed? We recommend the film.

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