How to use the Neurocycle to break cycles, heal generational trauma, and end toxic family patterns + how the Neurocycle influences epigenetics and changes genes


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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I talk about how to use the Neurocycle to break the toxic cycles we have in our lives, whether these come from our own past or are a pattern that is inherited as generational trauma. I also discuss how the Neurocycle changes genes, and I explain how epigenetics works!

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1:30 How to break generational trauma patterns

2:35 Why you can never escape your mind—your mind is always in action!

3:00 What mind management is and why it is so important

4:00 How we can change our genetic code with our thinking

5:30 What happens when we don’t manage our minds

9:20 How your perceptions become a part of who you are

15:30 How our past experiences impact our present memories

16:06 What is generational trauma and how to use the Neurocycle to overcome inherited toxic cycles

16:30 How our mind, that is our ability to think, feel and choose, impacts our genetic expression

25:56 How to reconceptualize generational patterns and trauma

36:00 Why your past does not have to be your destiny


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