How to use the Neurocycle with Children + tips to help your child deal with anxiety, depression, fear, and stress


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SHOW DESCRIPTION: We all need to learn how to clean up our mental mess, even children! In fact, the younger we learn to self-regulate out thoughts, feelings and emotions, the better off we will be later on in life. In this podcast I talk about how to teach your child to manage their thoughts and emotions using the Neurocycle method I have researched and developed over the past 3 and half decades, the importance of teaching your child deep breathing, why brain-building exercises are so important for your child, how to calm your child down when they are feeling anxious or scared, the importance of play and rest, and more!


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2:41 Why teaching your child to manage their mind is so important

3:28 How brain-building with your children will help them manage their mental health

5:00 Why so many children are battling with their mental health

9:30 Why we need to let our children play, rest and use their imagination

11:42 How to help a child who is battling at school

20:00 How mental health labels can affect a child’s identity

27:20 Why we need to be authentic and open with our children

32:36 What to do when you notice a change in your child’s behavior

35:00 How to use the Neurocycle with your child


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