The Dangers of Toxic Positivity, Signs of Gaslighting + Tips on What NOT to Say to Someone Who is Grieving with Therapist Whitney Hawkins Goodman


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We have all heard the phrase “look on the bright side” at least once in our lives. And yes, sometimes we do need those little reminders to be positive: “stop and smell the roses”, “things will get better” and the “remember, the glass is half full”. But what happens when these reminders become toxic? What happens when positivity shuts down, rather than opens up, the path to healing? In this podcast, I talk with licensed marriage and family therapist Whitney Hawkins Goodman about the dangers of toxic positivity, the relationship between toxic positivity and gaslighting, how to be truly empathetic, the power of learning how to listen and how to comfort someone who is grieving.

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Podcast Highlights

1:42 Why Whitney thinks it is important to talk about our emotions and mental health

2:40 What is toxic positivity?

13:30 How can you train yourself to become more aware of your intentions?

14:55 What is the difference between shame and guilt, and what do they have to do with toxic positivity?

17:31 What is gaslighting?

19:11 Gaslighting and racism

21:34 How to help someone who is grieving

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