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Nicola’s well impressed with the training inside the Clickfunnels “One Funnel Away” 30 Day Challenge. it’s inspired her to gather all her amazing Money Gym training together and create an awesome offer to celebrate the Money Gym book going onto Audible after all these years. Well, fingers still crossed for the final bit of tech to be approved but she lives in hope. Just got to figure out how to get the BUY buttons hooked up to her Stripe account now…

If you want to join her in the Challenge visit https://NicolaCairncross.com/onefunnel

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Clicks And Leads is a “tongue in cheek” digital marketing Vzine by entrepreneur, author, podcaster, speaker, Nicola Cairncross.

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Hello, welcome the vzine this week, it’s Nicola and I’m back. And it’s a very quiet afternoon around here because all the people from the houses opposite have gone off to the airport and the new lot haven’t arrived yet so I thought I’d seize this opportunity to record the parts of the vzine.

I’m also recording something very exciting for a launch I’m doing that you probably know if you watch this vzine regularly I’ve been doing the 30 day, One Funnel Away, ClickFunnels challenge, and I’m doing that in order to launch, relaunch The Money Gym book, and the reason I’m doing that is because I’m that close to getting onto Audible.

I’ve recorded it years ago and I’ve just been chopping it up and editing it and making it really pristine but I had to top and tail it and do lots of little things like put one second room noise at the beginning, it was three to five seconds room noise at the end, and those kind of jobs drive me absolutely crazy, but it would’ve taken longer to instruct someone on how to do it rather than do it myself.

So I forced myself through the pain, I’ve submitted it twice, and it’s been rejected, and third time lucky hopefully that they will like it. It’s all about the noise quality and the audio quality for Audible, they want, obviously, their people to get a really good experience, so I’ve just had to keep on with that until I got it right.

So let’s get on with the show, shall we?

Hi, it’s Nicola here and I’m back online. I’m back, oh my god, super fast broadband, it’s so exciting I can’t tell you when you’ve lived without it for eight weeks and you forget why everything, you rely on everything really, my TV comes in through the broadband and my telephone comes in through the broadband, so you really do miss it when it’s not there, but it’s all back, and I’m celebrating by giving this Facebook live today.

I’ve been very aware of the last week that I’ve been promising you to update you regularly on how it’s going with the ClickFunnels, One Funnel challenge. And the reason I haven’t been in touch more often is because that A, it’s really good content and it’s making me have ideas for other bits of my business.

So, although the first week has been like pre-training it’s all been about beliefs, your behaviours, your attitudes, what makes a winner, how people, sharing success stories to get everybody going, and it’s interesting because quite a lot of people have been complaining about that, they want to just get stuck in and get started, but the problem is, if you don’t pre-warm people up and get them really excited about what they’re going to be doing, the minute they hit an obstacle or a snag, they give up.

Those people who just say, “Look I’m sick of all this, I want to get stuck in, “I want to get straight to it,” they’re the first people who drop off when they hit an obstacle or a snag, because they’re used to asking for help and they haven’t been fired up enough about why they’re doing this in order to push through the obstacles and the challenges they will invariably come across.

The real reason I’m here today specifically, is we’ve gone into the first week of actual training and it is extremely good, I can’t tell you, the whole thing is very professionally run, as you’d expect from an organisation that’s turning over billions of dollars now.

The other thing that’s really impressive, before I can tell you about what made me come online right now, today, is that there’s a lot of people who are trying to find holes in this. Now there are people who are trying to say, “This is just like multi level marketing, “or it’s a pyramid or whatever, “people are just selling click funnels to each other,” and the reason I’m so 100% behind this is because you can go through this challenge and never actually purchase ClickFunnels’ products themselves.

I strongly recommend that if you’re looking for a step by step plan on how to take your expertise and knowledge online, or even if you don’t have a product or a service yourself or expertise, I would seriously recommend you take this challenge because you do not have to actually but the ClickFunnel stuff. I was fully intending not to do that, I was fully intending to use what I’ve got already, which is Thrive Architect and Drip for my email, and Thrive Cart for my shopping cart.

All of those things are really really good tools, but they actually do add up in costs, and I’m not convinced that I’m saving much money by not using ClickFunnels, and I certainly think it would be an awful lot easier, although Thrive Architect does have some really really nice templates, you don’t know which ones are the best converting ones, which is something Leadpages used to do, they used to say, “This is our best voted landing page, “this is our best converting sales page.”

So you don’t really know with Thrive which pages are the best ones to use, so you’re left to your own judgement , and I’m quite a laid back kind of person, I’m quite an introvert, although people wouldn’t think so, so I tend to go for the most classy and restrained pages, which I don’t think are doing my business any good at all.

So, what ClickFunnels do, is they’ve got all these amazing templates, but they actually have put the whole funnel together for you and they say if you’re an information marketer then use this funnel or if you are a network marketer, use this funnel, or if you’re selling physical products, use this funnel, so they tell you which funnel is the best converting funnel, and I think that’s absolutely phenomenal.

So I have made the decision now, that I am going to be actually signing up for ClickFunnels and using it, because I want the benefit of putting together my Money Gym funnel as quickly as possible, using the most effective funnel for this kind of product, which is a book.

Today and now I come onto why I was compelled to come online today and tell you how good this is, and why you really need to get involved in this challenge. You can get involved up until the 18th of August I think, and I would seriously recommend that you look at it now.

Go to NicolaCairncross.com/OneFunnel, that’s the word one and funnel together, all rolled together, and yes, it is a affiliate link, of course if you do go onto to invest in ClickFunnels I will earn a bit commission, but the reason I want you to go through that link and you don’t have to, you can just go to ClickFunnels itself and sign up for the challenge, then I will be able to give you extra help, ’cause I’m actually going through channels challenge, day by day myself.

so I’ll be able to support you in those moments when you think, “Oh, I can’t do this, “or I don’t know how to do that bit,” or whatever. But here I am to tell you, get involved in the challenge, seriously look at ClickFunnels’ products, and the channel challenge, wait someone is going past. I’ll be down at the beach in a minute. That’s somebody else.

Day two of week two, is absolutely phenomenal, it blew me away, and I’ve been online for over 20 years, that one bit of 45 minute training backed up by two other bits of training is worth the $100 you’ll pay to get involved with the challenge, it’s absolutely stonking, and I’ve sat here scribbling notes, I’ve realised what I could do to make my offer absolutely irresistible.

I have talked before about how important it is, and my mentor, James talks about it too, is how important it is to get an offer that converts. But what you don’t realise is that by adding things onto your original offer, complimentary things, things that enhance what people are buying, but by adding them on at the point of purchase, you can make your offer absolutely irresistible, and that’s what I’ve been missing.

Again, I’m a bit laid back, I’m a bit, don’t really like to do too much stuff that’s right in your face, but I’ve been selling myself short by doing that, and by not making an offer that’s absolutely irresistible, I have obviously missed out on lots and lots of sales. Now I’ve done all right, god, you know, I’ve done all right, don’t get me wrong, 21 years plus earning online entirely, but I wonder how much money I’ve left on the table.

Anyway, it’s the most brilliant explanation of how to put together an offer that converts I’ve ever seen in my life. Even if you’ve got a product that is selling okay, I guarantee that investing $100 in this training, this one funnel challenge training, and getting to week two, day two, it’s a four week training, so there’s more to come I’m sure, I think that you will really be blown away but what you’ve seen in that training, in that video training.

So that’s why I was compelled to come online, give you a bit of an update, tell you I’m still doing it, I’m still going through it and you can still join me. So got to NicolaCaircross.com/Onefunnel, that’s two words joined together, Onefunnel, and I will help you as much as I can, because I’m just a little bit ahead of you. So not too late, join up now, fantastic value, absolutely loving it, and see you inside.

So on the blog and the podcast this week?

Well as you know, OwnIt at the podcast is taking a bit of a break, and Clicks And Leads podcast continues but it’s pretty much an audio version of this vzine, so if you’re watching the vzine you don’t need to listen to the podcast. But there are a couple of new things on the blog this week.

One is I started to write my origin story in a way that was sort of based around the hero’s journey, and I did that because I wanted to create something that I could use in Facebook ads without Facebook ads shutting me down again, which was, you know, always a bit of a cat and mouse game really.

So I wanted to create something really vanilla, but something hopefully that would suck people in. So I wrote a story of when we were sitting on the luxury yacht on Lake Las Vegas and how I came to be there. It’s working really well, I’m running ads, people are liking it, they’re getting a lot out of it, they’re clicking through to read more at themissingchapter.club, which is the link to go to if you want to see the story.

It’s working great, so hopefully I’ll be able to generate leads from that, who I can then lead into either Clicks and Leads or The Money Gym, that would be really cool.

The other thing on the blog this week is I found something that Frank Kern was explaining really really well, a problem that I constantly come across with my clients, and it’s called Why Build A Business And Then Keep It Secret? and that’s the name of the blog post, so if you got to the blog at NicolaCaircross.com/blog, you can watch that

It’s all about how people put lots and lots and lots of money and effort into building their business infrastructure and then don’t leave any money to market it which is a common problem in real world businesses as well as online businesses, so the goal always, always, always, is to test your offer.

In this week’s middle section, which you may have just skipped over, you need to go back and watch it because I explain why something really hit me very hard in the One Funnel Away Challenge this week, and it explained perfectly how to make an offer absolutely irresistible, because the offer is not just about your product, it’s about how you offer your product, how you bundle things with it that will help the experience of the purchaser, complementary products and services, and how you make it absolutely irresistible until someone goes, “Hell yes, I’ve got to buy this.”

So go over to the blog, NicolaCaircross.com/blog, and you’ll find everything over there.

See you next week.

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