Freelance Forgiveness: Mike Tanner and the relationships in our heads


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It's a familiar feeling. You overpromised a client on deliverables and got overwhelmed with work, or family stuff came up, or you hit a wall in the project that you just couldn't overcome. You put it off for a day, then two days, then a week... All of a sudden you're way overdue and you haven't talked to the client in that entire time. Clearly they're furious with you, fuming behind your back.

Or are they? Mike Tanner talks with Kyle Carpenter about the ways we create imaginary relationships with our clients, especially since freelancers don't usually get to talk to them one on one on a regular basis. It's never as bad as you think, for real. Find out how forgiveness is the way to move forward!

Let us know on twitter @clientsfh - do you create imaginary relationships with your clients? Or are you strictly business, with nothing personal riding on your performance? How did you arrive where you are?

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