An Early Believer in the Clinic Gym Model: Dr. Chip Bleam


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Today’s guest is Dr. Chip Bleam, one of the first people to launch a clinic gym hybrid. He has seen everything from the purest definition of a micro gym to the large gym that he operates today. Dr. Bleam takes us through the evolution of his business, sharing tips that he has learned along the way. He provides information on hiring practices and training offerings that he wishes he knew about earlier in his career.

“You have to make sure that that person is willing to learn and adopt your training philosophy.” -Dr. Chip Bleam

Topics covered include:

  • Dr. Bleam’s educational history.
  • The first space that Dr. Bleam transformed into a clinic gym.
  • Class offerings in the clinic gym’s early days.
  • The decision to hire a trainer.
  • Mistakes that left money on the table which Dr. Bleam has learned from.
  • What it’s like to have your significant other as a business partner.
  • The process of moving into a larger space.
  • Transitioning clients into the new space and keeping them updated.
  • How business operations changed and grew thanks to the move.
  • The effort that must go into finding trainers.
  • Customer service skills versus training skills.
  • Tips for students interested in this service model.

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