Finding Fulfillment in Your Practice with Dr. Kyle Banner


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Dr. Kyle Banner is our guest in this episode. He practices in Ada, Michigan under Banner Chiropractic & Rehabilitation which he started very shortly after graduating from National University. His facility is about seven-hundred square feet divided into three rooms, with the main room being about twelve by seventeen. Dr. Banner describes the changes that have come to his practice thanks to enrolling in the coaching program.

“With those visits up front, it allows us as a practitioner to actually focus more on the principles; take it slow each visit to make sure we’re doing it right.” -Dr. Chip Bleam

Topics covered include:
– Dr. Banner’s educational history.
– An overview of Dr. Banner’s practice and building layout.
– How playing rugby inspired Dr. Banner to get into chiropractic work.
– Discovering clinic gym hybrids and receiving coaching.
– The number of patients Dr. Banner was getting before the accelerator.
– Taking the leap to drive change.
– The evolution that Dr. Banner saw from his patients over several visits.
– What the first week of coaching looked like.
– Developing your own style.
– The percentage of patients who take up Dr. Banner’s exercise offer.
– What most of Dr. Banner’s time is spent on.
– Getting referrals from patients.
– The level of fulfillment that Dr. Banner now feels.
– Dr. Banner’s future plans for his practice.

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