Tech for Rehab: Using Technology to Improve Return-to-Play Guidelines with Adam Halseth


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Dr. Adam Halseth is a specialist in Physical Therapy based on South Dakota. In this podcast, he will share how his programs help in varying rehab conditions. He will also introduce some amazing features of a leading sports technology – The BodiTrak.

“It’s about being aware of the returning play protocols, knowing about current research, and trying to make everything better”. –Adam Halseth

  • Dr. Halseth and Dr. Satterlee will talk about different athletic issues and conditions.
  • Halseth also shares some of his wants and expectations with regards to his practice.
  • They will also discuss different training models for varying orthopaedic conditions.
  • Halseth emphasizes the role of technology in measuring treatment and technical ability.

Crucial Takeaway:

  • Therapists always aim to give every patient a better condition by revamping the program suited for the condition, facilitating play testing, and following return-to-play protocols.
  • Technology (such as the BodiTrak) shall be used to provide accurate and objective measurements of improvements and create a detailed report about the condition.
  • There are different training models and programs suited for every kind of condition.
  • Force, pressure, and balance play a crucial role in measuring performance and treatment.
  • Technology can now also measure a technical ability of a person, especially athletes, at an accuracy level that was previously impossible.

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