Technology in the Clinic Gym Hybrid with Michael Lovich


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Today we are joined by Michael Lovich. He is the Owner and Founder of Delta S Performance
Front Range Clinic. The business started in 2017 and has grown to four locations. Michael has served as a medical director, team doctor, and on the medical staff for various organizations and events in professional, amateur, collegiate, and high school athletics. Delta S Performance has three locations in the Boston area and one location in Denver, Colorado. Michael handles the business admin in Boston yet gets to enjoy a fulfilling life in Denver.

“There are a lot of ways we can utilize technology to make things easier for Delta S Performance.” -Michael Lovich

Topics covered include:
– How Michael started Delta S Performance.
– About Michael’s background and experience in the clinical field.
– Why Michael opened a location in Denver, Colorado.
– Cutting costs without sacrificing patient care.
– Getting rid of your unprofessional Gmail and upgrading to the G Suite business plan.
– Making G Suite HIPAA compliant.
– Learning how to use Excel or Google Sheets.
– The best ways to utilize data.
– Using Apple Business Manager with Mosyle to create native apps.
– Operating a business without front desk staff.
– Optimizing doctor and patient communication with Google Forms.
– How to use Google Groups to keep projects organized across different sites and teams.
– Utilizing Trello to keep track of clients.

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