The Secret Sauce of Long-Term Value with Dr. Jeff Langmaid


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In today’s episode of Clinic Gym Radio, we are joined by Dr. Jeff Langmaid, aka “the evidence-based chiropractor”. Dr. Langmaid helps other chiropractic businesses to grow their practice and get more referrals. Josh addresses if most chiropractors are making what they should and Dr. Langmaid dives into best service offerings. In the next two years, how can you double your take home income? Dr. Langmaid shares his advice of driving more revenue per patient. Focusing on the backend, you can extend your services which allows you to make more per patient. Having recurring offerings can retain 80% of your patients in the long-term. The focus should not be solely on getting the most patients through advertising.

“The secret sauce is this – monthly campaigns, weekly content and daily posts.” – Dr. Jeff Langmaid

Other topics discussed include:

  • Treat and release versus the “secret sauce” method
  • Developing a client relationship that doesn’t leave the customer feeling left behind
  • Forming relationships over conducting transactions
  • Highlighting what you do in an email newsletter or social media post
  • Avoiding marketing mishaps and being clear with your service offerings
  • “The Smart Chiropractor” service
  • Generating more revenue through automated marketing
  • The importance of consistency and content in your business
  • National monetary averages per visit to chiropractors
  • Long-term value (LTV) through nurturing and engagement campaigns

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