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Why do we pray, fast, and give alms during Lent? Together these practices are not intended to be our focus but to serve to call us to something bigger—conversion. Last year I released the episode titled "Lent & Conversion." As I listened to this episode again last week, I found that I was invigorated by the reminder of how the liturgical readings of the season echo this call, as well, and drive this point home. Even though the calendar of readings is from 2019, I think this is a great time to revisit that episode from last year as it builds so well on the two most recent episodes that are preparing us for Lent. SHOW NOTES: —Shop CT merchandise: (This is a popup shop and it closes tonight at midnight—Valentine's Day 2020. Shop while you can!) —Click here to sign up for the weekly email: SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram— Twitter— Facebook— VISIT MY WEBSITE:

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