54: When Your Family is Overwhelmed and Out of Sync


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Has your family ever been in a total funk where life seems out of sync? In Episode 54 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, Kate and Melissa chat about a concept called soul fever, which happens when life gets overwhelming or something stressful happens. They share how to overcome it with kiddos, as adults, and also as a family. This episode is encouraging and practical and will inspire you to simplify and tighten your family bonds. Talked about in this episode: * What's soul fever? * Kate's background as a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach. Work with Kate 1 on 1. * How to recognize soul fever in your kiddos and a solution to help them "heal" from it * What does soul fever look like in adults? * How Kate and Melissa deal with their own periodic soul fevers * Can a family unit experience soul fever at the same time? Yes! * Best tips for overcoming overwhelm to connect more as a family. * More about the book "Simplicity Parenting" Thank you to our sponsor Audible! We recommend listening to "Simplicity Parenting" on Audible and let us know what you think! Audible, the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories. The best place to listen. Get started with a 30-day trial when you go to audible.com/cohesivehome or text [cohesivehome] to 500500 and listen for a change.

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