57: Parenting Peacefully + the Montessori Method with Simone Davies


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Interested in a more peaceful way of parenting and a simpler home experience for your children? In episode 57 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, Kate interviews Simone Davies, the Montessori teacher and blogger behind the popular website The Montessori Notebook, which helps families bring the Montessori Method into their daily life. She's also about to release her new book The Montessori Toddler, a positive parenting guide to raising little people. If you're scratching your head and asking, what's Montessori? You will learn so much from this episode. Even if you're familiar with the method, Simone shares so much wisdom and practical advice for implementing it in your home. In this episode:
  • What is the Montessori method?
  • Simone's story and how she got started with it
  • What inspired Simone to write The Montessori Toddler
  • How parents can incorporate Montessori into their home and parenting
  • The benefits of the Montessori method, and how you can get them at home, even if you don't send your kids to one of the schools
  • Simone's own take on living simply and her new interest in wabi-sabi
Where to find Simone: Instagram: @themontessorinotebook Web: themontessorinotebook.com

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