53: Financial Freedom with Jessi Fearon


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Ever wish you could sit down with a financial expert and get practical advice? Well, we here you! In Episode 53 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, we invited Jessi Fearon, financial expert from Real Life on a Budget, to share her advice for being intentional with finances in 2019. Read on for more. In this episode: Jessi's personal story with debt and how she conquered $55,000 of it and nearly has her house paid off How to live on a budget AND live by your values The first step you should take to start your debt pay-off journey How to communicate with a partner about money and her number one tip for approaching it in a positive way Where you can find Jessi: Her Blog and Website Instagram Pinterest Facebook A big thanks to Warby Parker for sponsoring the Cohesive Home Podcast. Get your stylish and affordable glasses for only $95 delivered straight to your door by heading to HERE to order your try on program today!!

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