March 2019 Selection (featuring Timewave, Orkidea, Paul Oakenfold, Kevin Vega, Max Freegrant, Sean Tyas, Raito, Dark Matter, Ultraverse, Cherry, Russlan Jaafreh, Ricardo Piedra, Sandeep Pai, Slow Fish, Dezza and Rylan Taggart, NVO, BLR, Glen Coombs, Otris


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Coldwired Podcast ( March 2019 Selection. Tracklisting: 01. Ultraverse - Astropilot (Cherry (UA) Remix) 02. Russlan Jaafreh - Distracted (Ricardo Piedra Remix) 03. Sandeep Pai - Throttle 04. Timewave - Boundless 05. Max Freegrant, Slow Fish - Green Forest (Dezza and Rylan Taggart Remix) 06. NVO, BLR - Otherworld (Extended Mix) 07. Glen Coombs - Fields of Ice 08. Dark Matter - Shadows Of Depth (Extended Mix) 09. Timewave - The Apocalypse 10. Kevin Vega - Fury ***Gold Star Track*** 11. Raito - 002 12. Otrish - Senses (Steve Sai Remix) 13. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Orkidea Remix) ***Defrosted from 2013*** 14. Monolock - Waves Of Sound 15. Sean Tyas - Chrome (Extended Mix)

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