March 2019 Selection pt III (featuring Solarstone, Man With No Name, Dark Matter, Audioglider, Bryn Liedl, Deep Soul Duo, Experimental Feelings, Locked Groove, Enertia-sound, Dole and Kom, Christopher Ivor, Amber Long, Nick Kaniak, DJ San, Paul Sawyer, Ru


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Coldwired Podcast ( March 2019 Selection pt III. Tracklisting: 01. Dole and Kom - Tiger Beat 02. Christopher Ivor - Prodigality 03. Audioglider, Amber Long - Random Acts of Kindness 04. Enertia-sound - Meduza (Nick Kaniak Remix) 05. DJ San - Put The Kettle On 06. Paul Sawyer - Gravitas (Club Mix) 07. Rustem Rustem, Tenacious - Let's Groove (Extended Mix) 08. Locked Groove - Out of Orbit ***Gold Star Track*** 09. Experimental Feelings - In The Same Direction 10. Bryn Liedl - Ascension 11. Deep Soul Duo - Redemption 12. Man With No Name, Hannah - Paint A Picture (Vocal Mix) ***Defrosted from 1995*** 13. Dark Matter - When Faith Fades (Solarstone Pure Mix Expanded) 14. AJ Gibson - Prayer (Extended Mix) 15. Antone - Adept

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