November 2019 Selection pt III (featuring Grum, Dylhen, Zoo Brazil, Narel, Sied Van Riel, Retroid, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Obie Fernandez, Obie Fernandez, Mariion Christiian, GHEIST, Nick Silvestri, Yoni Bertel, Dum Dum, Doki, Nick Kaniak, Paul Hawcroft, Slav


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Coldwired Podcast ( November 2019 Selection pt III. Tracklisting: 01. GHEIST - Zukunft 02. Doki - Nova (Nick Kaniak Remix) 03. Dylhen - Mobius (Extended Mix) ***Gold Star Track*** 04. Dum Dum - One Earth Beat (Paul Hawcroft Remix) 05. Obie Fernandez - Work It Up 06. Nick Silvestri, Yoni Bertel - Incognito 07. Slavlotski - Hyperion (Paul Hamilton, DJ Ruby Remix) 08. Dilby, Piem - High Times 09. Wally Lopez, Awsa - Bring It Back (Zoo Brazil Remix) 10. Mark Digital, Ciree - Nocturnal Sun (Narel Remix) 11. Grum - The Ascent 12. Grum - Altered State 13. Mariion Christiian - Spider Baby (Retroid Remix) 14. Sied Van Riel, Giuseppe Ottaviani - GoRiel ***Defrosted from 2015*** 15. Les Hemstock - Ascension (2019 Extended Mix) 16. Trinitro - Skyline 17. Pharm.G. - Consult

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