October 2019 Selection pt III (featuring Grum, Sasha, Freefall, Jan Johnston, Dan Stone, Bedrock, Paul Thomas and Bluum Pres. BPT, Timewave, Lost Witness, Danny Stubbs, Marco V, Alex Wright, Proluction, Ivan Nikusev, Marsh, Miika Kuisma, Evgeny Lebedev, L


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Coldwired Podcast (facebook.com/ColdwiredMusic). October 2019 Selection pt III. Tracklisting: 01. Proluction - Andromeda 02. Ivan Nikusev - Wind Breeze (Timewave Remix) 03. Marsh - 1992 (Extended Mix) 04. Miika Kuisma - Tri-Be 05. Evgeny Lebedev - Distance (Extended Mix) 06. Grum - Stay (Extended Mix) 07. Freefall, Jan Johnston - Skydive (Paul Thomas and Bluum Pres. BPT Extended Remix) 08. Larsson (BE) - Last Man on Earth 09. Minicied - One Time (Dax and Atragun Remix) 10. Danny Stubbs - Behind Those Eyes (Extended Mix) 11. Marco V - Simulated (Bas Amro Remix) 12. Lostep - Burma (Sasha Remix) ***Defrosted from 2004*** 13. Elypsis - Equinox (Extended Mix) ***Gold Star Track*** 14. Alex Wright - Whirlpool (Club Mix) 15. Lost Witness, Xavian - Gaisma (Extended Mix) 16. Dan Stone - TMRW (Extended Mix) 17. Bedrock, Frolix - Heaven Scent (Frolix Bootleg)

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