Another Game Of Thrones Prequel, House Targaryen, Coming to HBO? - Collider Live #218


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It’s Friday the 13th so nothing will go wrong today! We’ll be talking #GameOfThrones prequels, checking up on Cody’s team after yesterday, more movie news, Kate will probably dance, and more nonsense with host Kristian Harloff, Dorina Arellano, Kate Mulligan, Mark Reilly, Cody Hall, and Alex Marzoña!

00:00 Ellis’ show recap, Unpacking with Mulligan

05:42 Ad Astra thoughts

11:35 cactus bodyslam, party at the fart tower

19:20 comedy tour and catchy songs

22:33 JJ Abrams gets a big paycheck from Warner

24:29 Paul Feig to write and direct original monster movie Dark Army

34:01 ANOTHER Game of Thrones prequel in the works

40:50 Rambo: Last Blood premiere in New York City ticket giveaway!

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