Giancarlo Esposito and Jamie Foxx Up for Roles in The Batman? - Collider Live #217


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It's Thursday and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are taking on the Carolina Panthers later this evening. Spoiler alert: The Bucs are gonna lose. But we also have Collider Live today, a show that isn't nearly as disappointing as the show that Jameis Winston and company are gonna put on around 5:20 PT. Today's show will be a fun one. We're talking some Batman rumors, some more movie news, and welcoming back Jai Courtney in studio! So enjoy yourself and feel bad for Cody later when he watches another disappointing game of football.

00:00 Kristian didn’t sleep, also lost his breakfast

5:20 Halloween Horror Nights update

12:20 Alex and Dorina went to a show, Josh still doesn’t like musicals


29:00 Josh watched Commando

33:00 James Cameron talks about Endgame

41:30 People worried about Joker?

48:00 Kristian’s kid was quoting Andrew Dice Clay

49:45 Disney+ is bringing back the old Marvel cartoons

53:30 Russo Bros talk about Fantastic Four

1:01:00 Update on Andrew Dice Clay

1:03:30 Giancarlo Esposito & Jamie Foxx rumored for The Batman

1:12:25 Lakers HBO series casts Magic and Kareem

1:16:00 Phone calls

1:37:30 Jai Courtney joins us in studio

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