Shawn Wayans in Studio! - Collider Live #220


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It's Tuesday here at Collider Live and there aren't any damn tacos lying around. It's a shame. Anywho I hope you've all recovered from watching the Browns and Jets play that Monday Night Football game last night because Collider Live is here and we have Shawn Wayans in studio to talk about The Boo Crew! We'll also talk about whatever else is happening in the movie and TV world, we'll go off on some tangents, and Kristian will probably get mad at Cody for playing the Orlando soundbite. Let's see if that happens.

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2:25 Heroes and Villains update

5:00 Roxy has a new song now

11:50 Josh watched Tall Girl on Netflix

13:55 NBC announces Peacock, new Saved By the Bell

21:00 What’s going on with Roxy? Trash can update?

27:00 Josh calls his wife on air

35:00 Back to the cactus video

45:00 Gary Oldman talk

49:50 Stallone gives a Rocky update

1:03:00 Rambo stuff

1:07:00 Battlestar Galactica Reboot?

1:08:00 M Night Shyamalan gets 2 more movies

1:13:00 Dune update

1:20:00 Phone calls

1:32:00 Shawn Wayans joins us in studio


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