Solo Spin-Off Show Coming to Disney+? Do We Want It? - Collider Live #219


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HAPPYYYYYYY TUES--I MEAN MONDAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! The weekend's over, and our lives are meaningless again. On today's show, we're talking about....oh God. Oh no. We're talking about Star Wars. Oh boy. Everyone play nice now, okay? Apparently there's another rumor regarding a Solo TV series on Disney+. Is it true? Who the hell knows? We're gonna talk about it anyway, along with a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with Star Wars.

00:00 Heroes & Villains!

05:02 lots and lots of chips nonsense

14:33 weekend box office

18:02 Josh NO WAIT ROXY went to a wedding! other celebrity cool things; we want to see to Rambo

29:00 The Suicide Squad cast revealed!

32:43 shampoo and sculpting soap

36:29 Jojo Rabbit wins People’s Choice Award at TIFF

44:55 MoviePass shuts down - Alex wasted so much money on it

48:04 review of Jurassic World short film, Battle At Big Rock

51:58 Netflix lands all the Seinfeld episodes

59:30 more Ad Astra, The Goldfinch, and The Peanut Butter Falcon thoughts

1:04:50 Solo spin-off series in the works?

1:12:36 English accents, and Rocha is traveling a lot, thoughts on Rambo: Last Blood

1:22:31 Iron Man alternate ending released

1:24:30 Rocha is still traveling and loves logos, nonsense things

1:32:53 calls - when are Roxy’s livestreams? which character do you want to see on a streaming service? how do we separate the artist from the art? is Star Wars better suited for TV?

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