Episode 203: Tree Lobsters 4 Life


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Welcome to Comics from the Multiverse, our DC comics podcast starting with DC Rebirth where we discuss and review the major new DC comic books every week!

Discussed this week:

0:01:20 - News

0:22:30 – DCeased: Unkillables #3 (Tom Taylor and Karl Mostert)

0:54:40 - Jimmy Olsen #10 (Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber)

1:02:30 - Plunge #3 (Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen)

1:18:02 - The Dollhouse Family #6 (Mike Carey and Peter Gross)

1:31:35 – Digital First Round Up (DCeased: Hope at World’s End)

1:52:43 – Elsewhere in the Multiverse

1:59:10 - Picks of the Week

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