Previously... In The Multiverse #10: Movie Over Coldsnap, Chillblaine is Here!


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Welcome to Previously in the Multiverse, our DC comics podcast where we review classic runs issue by issue!

Discussed this week:

0:01:56 – Batman #406 (Frank Miller and Dave Mazzucchelli) (Batman: Year One)

0:14:04 – Wonder Woman #10 (Brian Azzarello and Tony Akins & Kano)

0:19:14 – The Flash Annual #5 (Mark Waid & Craig Boldman and Travis Charest)

0:38:21 – Birds of Prey #1 (Chuck Dixon and Greg Land)

0:54:04 – JSA #9 (Geoff Johns & David Goyer and Steven Sedowski)

1:04:57 – Superman: The Man of Steel #105 (Mark Schultz & Doug Manhke)

1:09:05 – Batgirl #6 (Bryan Q Miller and Lee Garbett)

1:22:23– Picks of the Week


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