Season One Bloopers: Part 1, Part 2, and Partey!


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First off, MERR-- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! :) Be safe, merry, and healthy!! Love you all! <3
You know how you'll always have things you say when you record, but it just doesn't make it to the cut? Whether they're bloopers or other.

Unfortunately, I am not sure what happened my personal millions of mistakes that made me have to re-record lines and such, but here are a few hilarious moments that I was able to save as "bloopers" for Season 1!

As you can guess, for the majority of these are....

Haha! Yes! The two most frequented guests I had! I hope you guys enjoyed this small recording. I wouldn't call it a full blooper video, but I thought it was hilarious. Maybe that's just me and I'll understand. But I hope you do enjoy some bit of this.

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