S4 E1: The Cute Colorful Beans That Want To Betray Each Other Constantly


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(N.B.: This episode was recorded with 2 Twitch streamers as contestants. In light of this, I elected to use the two streamers' Twitch handles instead of their real names, as that comprises a major part of their branding.)

Complete the List is back! The Fall 2020 Gamers vs. MS charity marathon is October 17-24. To help promote, two streamers from the marathon, Vorfalath and AstraGaming_ from UCBWrasslin have joined us for an all-video gaming episode!

As always, they attempt to name as many items as they can from lists in all categories!

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Episode notes: Categories: Spoops For October; I Play Black Desert Online. This Is Not About Black Desert Online; Red and Green, or Red and Blue; Nearing The End Of Its Lifespan; On This Harvest Moon; Streamer, You Forgot Something!; Shine Bright Like A Diamond; Matching 3.

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